Dimitri Rellos | About
Dimitri’s passion for photography began over two decades ago when he bought his first SLR camera. Over the last ten years, he works exclusively on digital photography, hooked on its creative possibilities. Dimitri specializes in wildlife, nature, and close-up photography and enjoys doing digital manipulations of his flower, wildlife, and landscape images.

Dimitri knows that technical mastery alone will not guarantee powerful images. It is the
combination of technical skills and his passionate vision that produces exceptional photographs.

The word “photo”, of course, is derived from the Greek word, “light.” A photographer creates
compelling images to the extent he understands light.

Just as a writer uses a pen to write a story on paper, a photographer uses light to record a story on sensor. Nature is a world in which endless stories are told. “Photography is a tool by which I can take this ‘visual communication’ to bring a richer appreciation of the natural world to my audience,” Dimitri says.

Dimitri believes that his best images come from shooting those subjects for which he has great passion. “I let my eyes focus and my brain compose, but it is my heart which ultimately takes the picture.”

Dimitri hopes that his nature photography will have a direct effect on others, causing them to be touched by the beauty of nature.