Dimitri Rellos is an acclaimed wildlife, nature, and travel photographer.  He is a sought-after workshop leader and instructor to nature travel groups and private clients.  Dimitri’s images have received wide recognition from viewers and audiences around the world.  He has traveled capturing with his photography equipment unique experiences in more than 25 countries.  Dimitri is a master of expressive photography and maintains the notable website, www.DimitriRellos.com.


Dimitri knows it is the combination of highly developed technical skills and a compelling vision that produces exceptional and affecting photography. He creates riveting images by understanding light and capturing striking compositions.


“Wildlife, nature, and travel photography is my world, in which I capture moving experiences as they dynamically unfold,” Dimitri says. “Photography is my language for conveying the unspoken, visual story that brings my audiences a deeper connection with the natural world.”


Dimitri’s finest images focus on subjects for which he has great passion. “I let my eyes focus and my brain compose, but ultimately, it is my heart that captures the image.”